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Mueller Welcomes the Following New Territory Managers to the Team


United States of America
Robert Criste - Regional Manager, Water Management Solutions Southeast
Brock Spencer - Infrastructure Territory Manager | Western Utah, Nevada, Idaho
Boris Mira - Infrastructure Territory Manager | California
Cheryl Mauffray - Infrastructure Territory Manager | Louisiana
Mike Millard - Infrastructure Territory Manager Southern California
Mike Nowak - Metrology Sales | Florida
Georgina Loginow - Metrology Sales | South Texas
Berry Thompson - Metrology Sales | North Texas
Bernie Evers - Pratt Industrial | Eastern U.S.

Gareth Price - Metrology Sales, Regional Manager | Canada
Nick Weiseman - Specialty ValveRegional Manager | Canada
Evan Kelman - Sales Manager | Canada

Claus Møller-Nielsen - International Area Sales Manager | Europe
Joe Zhong - Area Sales Manager  | Western Provinces – China
Shmuel Lerer - Central District Sales Manager, Krausz | Israel

Mueller Announces the Largest Deployment of Remote Disconnect Meters in the U.S.


Newport News Waterworks, the second largest water utility in Virginia with nearly 130,000 customers, is installing the Mueller Mi.Net® Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system throughout the city including the largest deployment of Remote Disconnect Meters (RDM) in the United States. The Mi.Net system will leverage the Sentryx™ water intelligence platform which provides data insights into a water utility’s distribution system. Ferguson and Mueller will collaborate to deliver the project over the next four years.

The Sentryx software platform along with our RDMs will provide enhanced customer service and operational efficiencies in metering, with the capability to generate insights across the water distribution system in the future for leak detection, pressure monitoring and water quality.

City of Durham, NC Improves Water Quality with 3-in-1 Hydro-Guard® Remote Pressure Monitoring, Sampling and Flushing Stations


The City of Durham has several DMA’s to control water flow from the source to treatment plants, into storage tanks and through 1,400 miles of watermains, but not every zone was being monitored for pressure fluctuations. At about the same time, the City was planning to upgrade its sampling stations to provide a higher level of water quality monitoring and better access for staff, that in some cases needed to cross property lines to take a sample.

After having an average of 12 main breaks a month over the last several years, the City identified the need for 21 Hydro-Guard stations to perform a combination of flushing, sampling and pressure monitoring. The remote pressure monitoring units have a cellular connection allowing city personnel to see the pressure in the system at anytime from anywhere using a connected device.  Users can choose a setting which records standard state pressure readings every 15 seconds, or they can choose to measure transient pressure at a rate of 256 reading per second. If there is a spike in the system, an alert is sent, and a crew can be dispatched to investigate. This allows the City to respond quicker, and usually before they receive customer complaints about a hydrant being hit or a water main break.

“The Hydro-Guard units have given us more visibility into the system with remote pressure monitoring, and improved efficiencies in water quality sampling and flushing capabilities,” said Junior Mobley, Superintendent for Water & Sewer Maintenance for Durham Water Management. With continued success, the City anticipates adding more units over the next five years.

Echologics launches PipeRank Virtual Condition Assessment Service for Water Pipelines


PipeRank virtual condition assessment enables water utilities to get visibility into pipe failures before they happen. The PipeRank technology identifies pipe segments that are likely to fail in the future and assigns a corresponding business risk score. A condition assessment is then performed on the pipelines using the Echologics ePulse® technology to diagnose specific problems. This condition assessment makes it easy for utilities to plan operations and engineering programs by prioritizing their course of action, capital expenditures, and focus their resources on the highest risk assets.  

Current industry best practice is to leverage as much desktop data as possible to identify trends and generate data-supported decisions for failure planning and capital deployment. The PipeRank technology pairs available pipe degradation factors with a proprietary machine learning model to prioritize every pipe segment analyzed by likelihood and consequence of failure. 

For more information on PipeRank Virtual Condition Assessment, visit

The Town of Gilbert, AZ Uses HYMAX® GRIP 90 Degree Couplings to Connect Fire Hydrants


The Town of Gilbert, AZ needed to do some repairs on their fire hydrant infrastructure and chose the HYMAX GRIP for its repair efficiency and ease of use in a confined space. The HYMAX GRIP has only two bolts to tighten compared to six on traditional mechanical join restraints, meaning workers spend less time in the ditch. Also, when you don’t have to dig underneath to reach bolts close to the ground, it means that the ditch is more stable with a lower chance of cave-ins.

The HYMAX GRIP has a radial closing mechanism that holds pipes tightly in place during installation to give installers full control over the gap between pipes. As the pipe applies axial pressure, the GRIP chain increasingly tightens around the pipe to prevent pullout. It also has a universal gripping system designed to restrain metal and plastic pipes and has a transition capability of up to 1.1” so the utility has more flexibility to repair a variety of pipe. When you’re working with pipes and connections that can be decades old, it’s good to have the flexibility to fit and secure a coupling with whatever pipe sizes you might find.

The HYMAX GRIP radial closing design and sealing system gives installers the flexibility to connect to out-of-round pipe shape and not be perfectly aligned, while still ensuring a secure connection. The coupling’s dynamic deflection also reduces the risk of damage and cracking from ground shifts. The HYMAX GRIP’s patented gasket effectively transforms the pipe joint into a flexible connection and allows dynamic deflection of up to 4 degrees per side.  

The Town of Gilbert has installed more than 100 HYMAX GRIPs in the last three years and continues to use the product in any situation where pipes need to be restrained.

New Singer® Direct Acting Pressure Reducing Valve Conserve Water & Regulate Pressure


Singer model DA140 is a high capacity globe style Direct Acting Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) designed for installation in potable water systems. The Singer DA140 Direct Acting PRV provides direct pressure system control and protection to conserve water, preserve and extend valve life, and regulate water pressure in compliance with industry standards. It is engineered to instantaneously reduce high inlet pressures to a steady lower regulated outlet pressure, regardless of fluctuation in flow rate and/or variation in inlet pressures. This operating function is achieved by using an adjustable spring-loaded diaphragm to open and close the valve. In the event of increased outlet pressure, network personnel can simply adjust the downstream pressure by turning the built-in adjusting screw. This product is used when lower flows and space constraints are of concern and is an economical alternative to our outstanding industry leading pilot operated valve solution.

The Singer DA140 PRV is a lead-free valve that is provided with an integral strainer to help prevent malfunction caused by debris in the system or reduced life span due to debris deposition. Manufactured to NPT and BPST industry standards, this valve can also be installed in any position for all types of applications. The Singer DA140 PRV is designed to operate in several pressure ranges and comes with a variety of sizing options to give network personnel a higher level of control.

City of Sheridan Deploys Mi.Net® AMI System Resulting in Big Labor Savings


The City of Sheridan, Wyoming, sought to implement a turn-key AMI solution that would not only help achieve accurate meter reading and billing, but also enhance customer relations. The rollout of Mueller Mi.Net AMI system on more than 10,000 service connections resulted in an estimated 65% drop in labor-hours previously spent on servicing water meters and an improved daily read of 99.6%.

“One of the many things we set out to achieve was an efficient unit that is equipped with the ability to carry out meter reading instantaneously at any time of the day, and be able to identify leaks in the system”, said Ken Hirschman, Utility Maintenance Superintendent - for the City of Sheridan. “We also wanted to upgrade to smart water meters that are less mechanical and with less moving parts – effectively enabling us to get rid of mechanical meters and not be stuck with a load of inventory and a meter rebuilding process,” saidHirschman.

“With Mi.Net AMI system, I can do a quick water audit at any time of the day. The meter reading tells me how much water we have metered that day. Subsequently, I can look at our SCADA system which has our water treatment plant discharge flow to make sure that they are fairly accurate,”noted Hirschman.

Sheridan’s Mi.Net System is continuously monitored in Mueller’s state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC). The NOC analyzes all communications and identifies patterns, trends, and conditions allowing utility engineers to respond in near real-time and adjust remotely when required. 

“We are able to serve our city and community much better than before. In a year, we saw our fire hydrant maintenance jump over 800 hours that we never were able to do; we had an extra 500 hours for sanitary sewer maintenance that was also unprecedented. Overall, our system maintenance has really improved. There have been less sewer plugs and claims against the city, and more time for replacing fire hydrants to safeguard our residents.” Hirschman concluded.  

Norfolk County Uses ePulse® to Prioritize Pipe Replacement over the Next 10 Years


Norfolk County has a few communities that are fed from well sites via single feed transmission mains, so when a pipe fails or needs repair, the community feels the impact of water stoppages. This lack of redundancy in the distribution system, coupled with aging infrastructure led the county to implement a condition assessment of its watermains using Echologics® ePulse technology.

For this project, Echologics tested approximately 6.9km (4.3 miles) of the ductile iron transmission main running primarily along Front Road. Norfolk selected this section of pipe due to its lack of redundancy and previous break history. After a 12-day assessment period, ePulse results indicated that 12 of the 54 segments were in poor condition with an average wall thickness loss greater than 30%. 30 segments appeared to be in moderate condition with 10% to 30% loss in original wall thickness. 11 segments appeared to be in good condition with less than a 10% loss in original wall thickness.

Based on the results collected by the Echologics field team, a customized renewal decision tree along with budgetary cost estimates of some renewal options was developed. Incorporating ePulse inspection results, the decision tree was based on the three condition categories: good, moderate, and poor. 

“We are pleased that the project provided the data we required to prioritize and make an informed schedule for replacement based on the watermain’s remaining wall thickness. Furthermore, the cost of the assessment was considered minor as it provided Norfolk County with the required data to prioritize the replacement of our transmission main network over the 10-year capital plan. Based on a ‘worst first’ replacement schedule, we were able to align the timing with our required financial planning,” said Jeff Demeulemeester, CET, Project Manager – for Norfolk County.

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